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This is Scarlett Johansson at a beach in Hawaii.

She is one of the most gorgeous women in the world and a huge sex symbol. She isn’t totally skinny, she only has a thigh gap if she stands with her legs apart and she has cellulite and stretch marks on her thighs and butt. Does she give a fuck? No!

Regardless of all this, she’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s nothing wrong with cellulite, or stretch marks, or not having a perfectly flat stomach, you are beautiful and these things are normal. 

I just wanted you all to see somebody who isn’t “perfect”, is still incredibly beautiful and doesn’t care about her stretch marks.

This legitimately just made me feel 1,000x better. I am a perfectionist about every aspect of my life, and sometimes it’s hard for me to recognize that nobody is or can be perfect.

I’m pretty sure I have reblogged this before but I just love this so much. Scarlett is one of my favorite women of all time. 

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Tony being a dork and entering every room just before Bucky does so he can loudly announce that winter is coming

I just can’t not to draw them… XDDDDD

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Are we talking about Clint’s new uniform? Cause I feel like we should definitely be talking about it.


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In the end, it will be every man for himself.
↳ The Avengers ensemble in the style of Rome’s character posters. 


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When you do what Mockingbird and I do—without powers—you can’t rely on super speed or flight as your weapons. Everything around you is there to help you hit the target. We are the weapons.

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Dear Hickman:

Please do one throw-away issue of New Avengers where Tony is up late flipping through the mirror checking out different worlds and no one else is around and he lands on world 3490 and is like uhhhhhh…..

And maybe the next day Reed is like “Okay now we will flip through worlds xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, 3490, xxxx-” and Tony is like “NOPE DON’T NEED TO CHECK OUT 3490 CHECKED IT OUT LAST NIGHT oops it blew up sorry didn’t tell you guys incursion event got it my bad.”

And Reed kinda side-eyes Tony because he KNOWS what universe 3490 is, but he just takes him at his word because FUCK IT New Avengers is basically a book about how stupid really smart men can be so let’s just go with it.

And every night after that, whenever Tony can, he sneaks in and watches universe 3490 through the mirror and just is so happy over himself and Steve’s happiness together. The day after Steve finds out about the mind wipe Tony goes to the mirror and just spends like a WEEK in front of it watching that universe and eating ice cream and watching himself and other!Steve go on dates and fight crime and save the world and snuggle and kiss and love and adopt a little band of misfit superheroes and…

Until one day Tony fires up the mirror and he sees an incursion even happening on that universe. And he thinks, NO. No. NOT that one. Not 3490. They can take the fucking 616 if they want to, but there is ONE DAMN UNIVERSE where things are RIGHT and they are HAPPY and Tony will NOT. LET. THEM. GO. 

So he runs and he gets Steve and he tells him they have to figure out a way, they have to do it TOGETHER, they have to, they HAVE to, for themselves. And he shows Steve universe 3490 and Steve kind of sags and watches it for a minute, fingers twitching at his side in those thick leather gloves of his to reach out and touch, but he doesn’t. Then his face hardens and that spine of his turns to steel and he nods at Tony. This is the universe they’re not going to lose. This is the universe that’ll be saved.

Then they use the fuck-the-Pauli-exclusion-principle device that bb!future!Stark gave Tony, and they manage to let the 3490 and the universe incursioning on it to occupy the same space without collapsing their universes, and everything is good and okay and the 3490 is saved and the tide of everything is turned and yayy~~~

And afterwards Tony is left alone with his mirror and he’s sitting there watching it and watching them in the 3490 have fantastic holy-crap-we’re-alive sex, when Steve comes in and sits down next to him (by this point their counterparts are sleeping post-coital so Steve doesn’t blush ten miles wide and tell Tony to turn it off) and they kinda just sit for a while and watch themselves breathe each other’s air and heat each other’s skin until Steve says, staring straight ahead: “Tower’s empty without you.”

And Steve gets up and leaves without another word. And maybe ten minutes later, after he’s stopped himself from shaking and crying just with, with EVERYTHING, with the whole overwhelming lot of it all, Tony pushes himself up and shuts off the mirror for good and follows Steve back home.

Come on, Hickman. Is that too much to ask? (Answer: Nope definitely not)

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steve and tony + touching

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ticking heart, tin soldier

ticking heart, tin soldier

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i really admire askjxc's stuff.


therefore wee woo wee woo fanart of evilsteve fanart